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Robert J. Simone

St. Petersburg, FL

Robert J. Simone is an artist with the ability to see extraordinary beauty in ordinary places. His enthusiasm for nature and passion for painting are infectious. He has been described as a highly-skilled representational painter who possesses an innate sense of color and composition. Simone has a way of seeing, an artistic vision, which is uniquely his own.  He responds to and paints the landscape in a way that makes it more accessible to the viewer.  He believes the creation of fine art goes beyond the mere learning of a craft.  He says, “The art of painting is passionate response to nature.   It’s a way of seeing that orchestrates the broad array of visual stimuli into a harmonious whole.”

Robert supported himself through years of intense study with positions that kept him close to nature and near the sea. Now his distinctive blend of sensual colors, confident brush strokes and captivating light portray the emotions associated with the scenes he loves.  He paints on location so that the landscape itself will inform the paintings he creates. Most days will find him with his easel at water’s edge pursing his passion.  It’s this experience of the elements that makes his landscapes and seascapes in oil so highly collected.

Robert Simone CAPA Painter