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Anette Power

Newbury Park, CA

Award-winning artist Anette Power credits her mom, who also paints; and growing up on an island off the Swedish coast for providing a childhood full of creative exploration and a love for the outdoors.

This adventurous spirit brought Anette to the States and eventually finding work in Animation.  There she spent more than a decade fine-tuning her sense of light, color and setting a mood, working as a background painter for studios like Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Universal.   Anette now dedicates her time to painting in Oils both outdoor and in her studio.

“I find myself drawn to subject matters with light and color that celebrate life’s fleeting moments”, says Anette.  “I enjoy painting on location immersing myself in the present and capturing a sense of our personal place in history.   We each have a life story and whether I’m painting cars in Cuba, or light-filled moments of children or animals, I’m always struck by life’s fragility, the juxtaposition of beauty and joy interspersed with loss that exists in each of our lives.   Art brings me joy and helps me focus on the beauty in life and I hope to share that with others.”

Anette Power CAPA Painter